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2023 Private Pesticide Applicator Certification

Begins January 01, 2023

The following online training is for certification for private pesticide applicators. This includes initial certification AND re-certification.

This training is for private applicators that own or work on a farm, forestry operation, greenhouse, or plant nursery.
The training is NOT intended for commercial applicators or applicators in the turf and ornamental industry (lawn care) or structural pest control.

Pesticide application requires appropriate education and training to ensure safe and effective use.  Pesticide Education is the responsibility of the Arkansas Cooperative  Extension Service. Pesticide Licensing and Certification, and the  Training for Certification, are the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture, Pesticides Section.  Contact the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Pesticides Section for information regarding certification and re-certification exams and training sessions. After completing this training, you are eligible to apply for either a one or 5-year private applicator license. 

Contact Information:
Instructor: Ples Spradley, [email protected], (501) 671-2234
Technical Support: University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Technical Support Specialist: [email protected],     (501) 671-2130
If you have any questions about licensing, contact the Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Pesticides Section at (501) 225-1598.

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