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Access Information Collected

UADA, while reserving its right to monitor communications via UADA websites for legal, policy, or business reasons, including security and functionality, will not monitor the content of communications as a matter of normal business practice. However, the fact that communication occurred (such as when a user visits a UADA website or utilizes UADA websites to search for information or submit a form) may be routinely logged as a normal business practice.

Common information logged includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  the IP address of the user’s computer
  •  the date and time a user’s computer accessed our site
  •  the IP address and URL of a referring website
  •  the page the user requested from the UADA’s site
  •  the information that a user’s Web browser software sends, which typically identifies the browser software and may also indicate the operating system and type of CPU used in the user’s computer
  •  in the case of email, the sender and recipient's email addresses

Voluntary Information

Services are provided through UADA websites via forms, surveys, etc., whereby individuals are required to enter personal information in order to process the request, such as name, physical and email addresses, phone numbers, and financial data. If the information requested is not entered, the services and/or requests cannot be accomplished online.

How Personal Data Is Used

As a general rule, UADA does not track individual visitor profiles. This data is used to analyze aggregate traffic/access information for resource management, site planning, advertising and marketing.

When personally identifiable information is entered through UADA websites, typically, the information requested and collected is only used to provide the information or services sought by the requester, just as a person might provide such information when visiting a UADA office in person or submitting the information via paper.

However, UADA may also use any information gathered through UADA websites or exchange such information with other entities in order to carry out normal UADA business operations, including marketing and subcontractor services. Legal requirements concerning use and disclosure of sensitive information will be applied to information maintained with these resources to the same extent that the requirements are applied to other records kept or maintained by the UADA. UADA does not sell the information collected through UADA websites to other entities.

Click to review the UADA Privacy Policy webpage for more details.